Mac pro video card problems

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Edit Options History. Student-Contributed Wiki An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. Programs lag or can't run entirely. Failing or inadequate memory. Failing or inadequate graphics card.

Apple Launches Repair Program for Late 2013 Mac Pro Video Issues

Mac Pro won't turn on. Failing power supply. Mac Pro won't boot. Corrupted Boot drive. Turns on but no response on monitor. Failing Graphics card. Disk stuck in optical drive. Remove optical drive. Add Comment. Running Apple Diagnostics hold down the 'D' key while booting , the Mac Pro got a clean bill of health. But Apple Diagnostics do not light up the 2nd display the problem , so that is not a thorough test.

Maybe that will fix something, maybe not—the display is often fine for hours, so I will monitor for a few days. Update 2 : so far so good. No glitches for 2 days.

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Then I realized that it was on the same bus as another display, so I swapped to a port on another Thunderbolt bus, thus putting all three displays on three different Thunderbolt busses. Today I also opened up the Mac Pro and blew out all the dust, just as a precaution. There wasn't very much. Ever since I upgraded to El Capitan Basically when the computer wakes up from sleep often the IMac screen awakens with a garbled video-like image on the left side and it's grey out on the rest of the screen. The attached NEC 24 inch 4K monitor will then function as the only monitor present.

If I go to system preferences or system information and look for monitors the computer only sees the NEC monitor. It does not see the iMac.

  1. Disable the GPU to quickly narrow down the issue.
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  8. In addition there are times when the signal to the attached NEC monitor simply seems to die and the NEC monitor is not to touch it at all. Every time this happens a reboot solve the problem.

    Troubleshooting Graphics and Display Issues on Your Mac

    It really does seem to be software related. I have a feeling that there are many video software bugs in the newest version of Mac OS. Maybe there is yet another new bug. I have the same problem. The Mac Pro is just a few days old and came with El Capitan. The monitor runs fine on a Macbook and on a PC but here only 30 Hz.

    Cable is also fine just to mention it. This is the Problem under OSx: screen goes black for a few seconds and comes back. Intervall between 10 Minutes and a few hours. Sometimes white or black pixels run over the screen line by line. Once monitor stayed black and I had to kill the mac with the power switch. So no pleasure to work with it. In my case all these problems can not be related to a big change in room or Mac temperature. Tried different thunderbolt outputs. All behave the same.

    How to fix 2011 15'' Macbook pro GPU problem

    I have installed Windows 10 to find out if it is a driver problem. Original Boot Camp drivers were running fine and Display had no problems for a few hours. After a few reboots the System did not start up or Screen did not get a valid Signal and stayed black. No black screen and all seems to be fine. Sometimes mac also boots Win 10 with Mini Display port cable connected - but not very often. One more Problem remains in Windows, System does not turn off completely, Need to kill it with power button! I have no Idea if it is only a driver problem or a combination of driver and faulty graphics card. MPG: it sounds like the same problem, though some of the details are not entirely clear.