Cant update itunes 10.7 on mac

Even if you installed iTunes 11 over any version of iTunes 10, if you had music in iTunes folder, there had to be a previous iTunes folder. Maybe there are multiple iTunes music folders on your HD? Do a search on you HD or HDs if you have more than one, and see if there are multiples. Open iTunes and open Preferences. Check the Advanced tab and see where the iTunes Media Location is.

Is it pointing to the right iTunes folder? Do you have a TimeMachine backup of your HD?

How to Update iTunes 12.8 on Mac (Tutorial)

If so you could go back and replace the iTunes Library file with one before the iTunes 11 upgrade. I am in the correct folder. Okay so you have a clean install. But if you let OSX do updates after restarting, it did install iTunes So if you wiped your HD to do a clean install … where is your music? Was your iTunes library backed up before the iTunes 11 install?

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Or are you starting allover again with no music? You are leaving out a lot of important information. If you have a backup and you are NOT going to use the Migration Assistant app to restore your HD, then just replace the entire iTunes with the backup version. Then follow step of the Pacifist downgrade. If it did get converted, before you wiped your HD then do steps as well. Hope this helps. I could not do a backup as my old machine including internal HDD died in electric surge. I do use time machine in general.

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My music is quite neatly organized and several times backuped on external drives. So, what I did is to rebuilt all smart playlists, podcasts, iDevice setup, etc. I could not find anything online….

There is no other way. Not that I can think of. There are some features on iTunes 11 that I actually do like i. Thanks for the Pacifist tipp! Same issues as dnls. Rather than search for Previous iTunes Folder, try searching for just iTunes, and see what you find. It could be you have multiple iTunes folders, or not. If you have a TimeMachine backup from before the iTunes 11 install, you can always try the second How To and see if that works for you. Also if removing the. Your downgrade worked perfect.

Robert — eMail is — RetroDeco Cox. I did the whole downgrade with Pacifist, it seemed to work, moved the previous iTunes library into iTunes folder, deleted the old library, everything you say to do. But when I open iTunes, although it is Just the start page as if I had not yet downloaded any songs. I even went back to a much older version of my library from Time Machine. Still nothing shows up. Seems disastrous although not entirely because I do have most of the tracks also saved separately on SD cards, and could re-download them into iTunes.

That made the difference in my case and Joe discusses that below. I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. Todd … thanks for answering this one.


Just rolling out of bed here … yes for some people depending on the age of your 1st ever install, some need the. I need to add that to the How To. Glad you got iTunes I did as you and Todd say, copied the library using the. Thank you so much, you sir are a lifesaver! Will definitely send a donation.

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I had to also copy the iTunes Library and rename it with the. I solved that by dragging iTunes 10 application to trash and then reinstalling it from the DMG. That solved all issues. If you had been using iTunes pre the change, you need to delete the. For those who started using iTunes after that turning point, need the. I guess you can file that under more arcane Apple facts. Interesting and it would make sense, as this Mac is relatively new and started with iTunes 9 or so. I also had both versions in my iTunes folder. In any case, your guide has made me very happy. Thanks a bunch. Thank you thank you thank you!

I tried downgrading using suggestions from other sites, and encountered glitches. I am complaining loudly and widely about itunes 11 to all my friends, and to Apple. Thank you so, so much for the clear, concise, and most importantly effective instructions!! I downgraded using Pacifist and was much easier than I was expecting.

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If you are still getting the errors, just use the Pacifist method and you should be fine. To do the pacifist method, should I reinstall 11 to go back to Sent 10 or more feedback reports to Apple, but finally just gave up on iTunes 11 for now. Using Pacifist worked without a hitch! Pres … Glad it worked.

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Very much appreciated. Joe, I just dropped a small payment to you via PayPal. Your instructions for restoring iTunes I repeated the iTunes library swap for all users. You may have saved my sanity. By the way, I encourage anyone who was helped by this excellent tip to shoot Joe a small token of your appreciation via PayPal.