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Beside malware designed for the Mac, Avast also looks for PC malware to help keep cross-platform infections from occurring. Avast uses real-time detection that runs in the background. Avast, like other antivirus apps that continually run in the background, can have an impact on your Mac's performance. Avast, however, gives you the option of using its real-time detection, or a scheduling system that can have less impact on your Mac's performance. Both use the same Bitdefender engine for finding and removing malware, but Virus Scanner for Mac uses a manual approach to scanning your Mac, while Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is loaded with features to make the process simple and, if you want to, as automatic as possible to ensure you are never the victim of a malware attack.

In fact, the Autopilot feature works so well that you can just about turn it on and forget about it, knowing that your Mac is protected from current and future threats from malware as well as ransomware, which is on the upswing in the hacking world. Bitdefender makes use of traditional signature-based detection system as well as behavioral-pattern recognition.

To help keep its database of devious malware types up to date, Bitdefender uses a cloud-based data collection system that stores the most recently detected Mac malware, adware, and ransomware information, allowing all Bitdefender users to have the latest updated detection system. Malwarebytes for Mac has been a top choice for finding and removing Mac-based malware ever since its early appearance as Adware Medic. Now under the guidance of Malwarebytes, the app retains its free ability to find and remove malware but has also expanded its capabilities to offer a premium paid version that can actively prevent Mac virus, spyware, and malware infections.

16 Free And Paid macOS Antivirus Security Suite For MacBook / iMac

It can also keep adware and unwanted apps from finding a home on your Mac. Malwarebytes uses a signature-based system to determine the presence of Mac malware.

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The signature list can be updated as often as once per hour. Malware that is discovered can be automatically quarantined for easy removal at a later date. Sophos has been a leader in business-grade antivirus and security protection apps for PCs and Macs for years.

Sophos brings the same business-grade security system to the personal Mac there is also a PC version user for free. Sophos Home for Mac can protect every Mac in your home from malware, viruses, and ransomware. It also can protect your web browsing from stumbling across inappropriate websites that may contain phishing schemes or malware.

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Sophos uses signature-based as well as heuristic-based behavioral detection to monitor the unusual behavior of apps to identify suspicious activity. Like most antivirus apps for the Mac, Sophos can detect Windows-based threats as well, helping to prevent cross-platform contamination. Sophos runs primarily in the background scanning your Mac and detecting if malware or related threats are present whenever you download, copy, or open a file or folder.

The scanner can also examine compressed files to make sure files contained within are safe. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. What We Like Detects several types of malware.

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Blocks your computer from sending and receiving viruses in emails. Able to minimize its impact on system resources. Includes other security tools. What We Don't Like Some features only work in the pro edition. Might take a while to install. Here's some more about Avast Free Mac Security:. Scheduled scans allow you to set the time for Avast for Mac to run its routine scans for the presence of malware.

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Moving the scheduled time to when it will least impact your workload is a big plus. File shield can check all of the files on your Mac for nefarious content. Files can also be checked by file type or location on your Mac. Web shield blocks unsafe websites from loading or downloads from those sites from occurring. Mail shield prevents dangerous email attachments from downloading or from being executed. Local network scan makes sure your home network and all connected devices are free from vulnerabilities that hackers could make use of to steal personal data.

What We Like Easy to set up and forget about. Getting an antivirus is a critical step toward securing your computer. Even so, it feels like Apple users have been left in the cold. With most malware targeting Windows, Mac seems to get served subpar versions of established software or, worse, mediocre dedicated options.

1. Norton Security for Mac

While most are part of a multi-device plan, they still offer excellent protection and a list of features, to boot. We also recommend reading our article on the best VPN for Mac for even more protection. According to Net Marketshare , That said, macOS accounts for 9.

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While the same cybercrime methods apply, the applications may differ. We consulted three independent labs to find the most secure macOS options on the market. Protection against known threats is important but simple. We also looked at the real-time protection of each antivirus, as well as how it did with zero-day malware, which are attacks carried out the same day an exploit becomes known. Security is our first priority, but there are other important areas. We looked at the the usability of each program, including their scan modes and settings, to see how well they balanced it with power.

follow site That includes things such as webcam protection, which is the first recommendation in our guide on how to secure your webcam. We considered it, but not at the cost of features or, especially, security. Bitdefender has some of the best protection scores for Macs. AV-Test awarded it a perfect score in its June analysis. It was percent effective against samples of malware discovered in the four weeks leading to the test. AV-Test found that it slowed the machine down by, at most, 1 percent while downloading applications and copying files.

The industry average 12 percent for downloads and 16 percent for copying files.

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AV-Comparatives found similar results. Out of samples, Bitdefender was percent effective.

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The tests were done on Windows 10, though, so there are no macOS results to compare. Bitdefender has great protection scores, but it has a lot more going for it, too. The user interface, while slightly different from the Windows version, is excellent. You can see your current system status, enable web protections and run quick, system or custom scans. It will let you know about the vulnerabilities your device may have and the steps you can take to fix them.

The feature monitors files and folders you specify and blocks changes to them.

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  5. Bitdefender is constantly in the top tier of protection, usability and features. You can learn more in our Bitdefender review or download a free day trial. Trend Micro has an antivirus for a single Mac, but it shines with its multi-device plan, Maximum Security.