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Though an ambiguous term, value, to us, is how well performance, features and price are balanced. That means the Toshiba Canvio Basics, which performs much worse than the Samsung T5, has a fighting chance because of its excellent price-to-performance ratio and decent build quality.

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Price and performance are straightforward, but features get messy. That includes something as small as including multiple cables for different connections in the box or as big as bundling a backup utility and password protection with the drive. Outside of that, we also considered support and warranty periods. Almost all external hard drives come with a limited warranty, but they differ from drive to drive.

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We tested each drive using the same process to ensure they were on a level playing field. After that, we ran the drive through benchmarks, sifted through the packaging and warranty information and got to writing the review. As mentioned, features are broad for external hard drives. Sometimes, a drive may include nothing else. You plug it in and get to using it. Though an approach like that is acceptable, there are things we look for when it comes to features. Most importantly, we look for utilities that come with the drive, such as a backup tool, password protection and encryption, to name a few.

Samsung leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the T5. The drive is built and packaged wonderfully, but what stands out most is its password protection. There, you can set a password, which will be required each time the drive is plugged in. Additionally, it supports Android out of the box, which few drives do. You can learn more in our Samsung T5 review.

List of the best external hard drives for Mac

By default, you can set a password, but the My Book comes into its own when you dig in to the other utilities. They include a backup tool, a security tool and a general utility that covers many categories. Learn more in our Western Digital My Book review. Outside of the casing, which is worth the extra cost, the Backup Plus Portable has access to the same utilities as the normal Seagate Portable. Those utilities come in the form of Seagate Toolkit, which can be used to backup your computer or mirror an existing hard drive. Though it lacks some of the features of the My Book and T5, the Backup Plus Portable is an inexpensive, portable and feature-rich package.

Read more about it in our Seagate Backup Plus Portable review. For this section, we not only have the overall price of each drive, but also the price per gigabyte so you can more accurately compare drives.

Plus, the speed and style of the drive need to be taken into consideration. When added up, though, the difference between it and other blackbox external drives, such as the Toshiba Canvio Basics and Western Digital Elements, is minimal. What makes the difference is the features.

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As with the Backup Plus Portable, you can use Seagate Toolkit, meaning backups and drive mirrors are fair game. Read more in our Seagate Portable review. As mentioned, the My Book is a desktop-focused backup solution, meaning it comes in high capacities. As the storage space goes up, the price per gigabyte goes down, making My Books an insane value for the money. Though more expensive than every blackbox drive on the market, the SanDisk Extreme Portable stands out as one of the cheaper portable SSDs. What it makes up for in build quality, though, it lacks in features. The drive ships with a program that encrypts your data called SecureAccess.

Despite that, the drive is an excellent value that you can learn more about in our SanDisk Extreme Portable review. We test our hard drives using four benchmarks. Two are used for speed and the other two are used to check for errors. Between the four, we hope to get as holistic a view of how the drive performs as possible. That said, it was faster than both in sequential and random writes and during our 2. During the testing, we had CrystalDiskInfo open to monitor the status of the drive, including the temperature and error rate.

Even during an intense error scan, the drive stayed cool and consistent, no matter how hard it worked. Performance gets spotty when there are so many metrics to consider. Everything else was copacetic, meaning there were no errors after our deep scan. That said, we noticed something interesting about the drive when it was in CrystalDiskInfo.

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It showed up as a SanDisk X M. That said, it only fell behind by a little. For example, the T5 clocked in at Our last round focuses on warranty and support. Unlike our best VPN providers, which often offer exceptional support, external hard drive manufacturers give you little to no support. That, in part, justifies the high price tag because most external SSDs only offer three years.

TOP 4: External Hard drive for Mac

Support-wise, G-Technology provides a proper knowledgebase for its products, which is seldom seen with external hard drive manufacturers. If you need more help, you can reach out over email, but the self-help resources should be enough.

Buying an External Drive: What You Need to Know

Samsung offers a three-year limited warranty on T5 drives. Like most limited warranties, it only covers issues with the manufacturing of the drive. You can schedule an in-home repair, send an email to the sales team or call a support rep. The Seagate Backup Plus Portable, and all Seagate drives for that matter, comes with excellent support. In addition to knowledgebase articles, there are automatic troubleshooting tools, as well as phone and email support.

Furthermore, Seagate offers Rescue subscriptions for next to nothing. That service is like an insurance policy for your data, meaning Seagate will attempt to restore it in the event the drive is corrupted. That said, you should be using an online backup service , too. All things considered, the Samsung T5 is the best external hard drive.

That, combined with the uncompromising speed, makes the T5 look a lot more attractive. Plus, the features are great. There are no exclusive options for PS4, outside of a branded drive by Seagate. That said, speed is a factor. For capacity and price, though, we have to give it to the Elements drive for PS4. Unlike with the PS4, though, storage capacity is a major concern. Microsoft enjoys using uncompressed textures, leading first-party titles to take GB or even GB of space.

Because of that, a high-capacity, low-cost drive, such as the Western Digital My Book , is ideal. Plus, it needs additional power.

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Small but mighty seems to be the consensus among reviewers of this external hard drive. Others raved about its compatibility with everything from PCs to Macs to gaming systems and even phones. A new mom who already took a lot of photos wanted a place to safely store photos of her daughter. And now for some micro-picks for every type of external hard drive you might be looking for. Reviewers are consistently impressed with the small physical size of this external hard drive, especially those who have to travel with their files.

Other than that, reviewers say this requires very little setup or savvy. With it plugged in, you can save things to that drive, or copy and paste items using File Explorer. Over 80 percent of reviewers give this portable hard drive a five-star rating, which many chalk up to the speed and size. About 15 minutes, a couple old gift cards, and a phillips head screw driver will net you a nice internal storage upgrade. But even without the additional labor, reviewers are still happy with this purchase.

Best External Hard Drive of 12222: Our Top Hardware Storage

Many satisfied reviewers are also repeat customers because they trust Western Digital over all other brands. Only time will tell. Even under the ownership of a self-proclaimed klutz, this external hard drive holds up. In addition to falls, this hard drive has even survived water damage, according to one reviewer. Sad that I think we will see it go away as streaming is taking over.

I currently have satellite TV but am going to use this for OTA for local channels and streaming for the rest then drop satellite.